In 2015, we joined forces with Architecture 00. Together, we enjoy collaborating in a shared environment where strategic, urban and social designers, architects, programmers and economists practice design beyond its traditional borders. 00 work with individuals, governments, corporations and communities to solve problems and anticipate change, and to design successful platforms and places. As a studio it aims to reach beyond the design of objects themselves to the social, economic and environmental systems behind them.

Sutton Court

Sutton Court is an Edwardian mansion estate in Chiswick, West London consisting of three red brick and terracotta blocks surrounding a communal garden. Studio Weave were appointed to develop a scheme for the refurbishment of the fourteen five-storey staircases that give access to the 146 flats.

864611101-2837abee1e-o1.jpg 1/5 Precedent Handmade Tiles
option-1.jpg 2/5 Image of Final Proposal

All the estate’s common areas were renovated in the 1980s when many of the original features were hidden, including the terrazzo floors that were covered with vinyl. Our proposal entails re-exposing these original beautiful surfaces and complementing them with new high quality additions that respect the heritage of the building while improving the light conditions, acoustics, and reducing the clutter and maintenance requirements.

The most significant element was to tile the dado in handmade glazed tiles creating a tangible helical form that connects all the front doors. We also proposed introducing wrought iron decorative balustrades and an acoustic ceiling finish that incorporated all the cabling and associated clutter.

We worked throughout with the Board of Directors and Estate Manager. We also made presentations for the scrutiny and vote of all 300+ residents. We felt that the fourteen staircases should all be of one family but at the same time each should have its own sense of self. We carried out considerable research to find materials that are in keeping with the existing blocks, have the natural variation of a handmade product, while being economically viable and durable.

090104001.jpg 3/5 The Helical Dado
r0012592.jpg 4/5 An Entrance into Sutton Court
option-3-inside-of-stair.jpg 5/5 Working visual for discussion