In 2015, we joined forces with Architecture 00. Together, we enjoy collaborating in a shared environment where strategic, urban and social designers, architects, programmers and economists practice design beyond its traditional borders. 00 work with individuals, governments, corporations and communities to solve problems and anticipate change, and to design successful platforms and places. As a studio it aims to reach beyond the design of objects themselves to the social, economic and environmental systems behind them.

53 Great Suffolk Street

Studio Weave with 00 have completed a 15, 000 sqft workspace fit-out in Southwark for George P. Johnson. The international experience marketing company required an EMEA headquarters that met their diverse range of operations. The two storey workspace is contained in a renovated and extended Victorian warehouse that was designed by Hawkins Brown.

Our team worked closely to create a scheme that balances a palette of natural materials with vibrant colours and extraordinary forms, reflecting the diversity and richness of the 100 year old organisation.

It was important that the design accommodated George P Johnson's working needs in an efficient and comfortable manner, but also managed to represent more fundamentally who they are and what they value.

In this respect, it was clear that they were a people-centred creative business - both internally in how people worked with each other, and externally in how they engaged with their clients and the world.

As a result, we have tried to design a space that does not subjugate its employees to a singular corporate style, but instead reflects the individuality and diversity within the company, celebrating the collective capacity and achievements as a group of talented people working together.

Our 'Orangery' space allows teams to meet in a light - filled, green oasis where close proximity to the kitchen and servery makes it a convenient lunch spot whilst also inviting serendipitous meetings between different departments in the organisation. 

Privacy and quiet was achieved by means of the acoustically protected skype booths - clad in diagonal American oak slats.

Special aspects include the 8 metre diameter ‘Roundhouse’ – a central gathering spot in the reception area of the office. Consisting of semi-circular concentric lattice walls that move on tracks, around an inner curtain, the radial fish-scale pattern floor intensifies to the centre – reflecting the performative aspect of the company’s work. It provides a flexible multiple purpose facility for presentations, events, mock-ups, training and meetings - giving these activitites a sense of intrigue and drama.

Our 'noodle' ceiling responded to the geometry of the slanted warehouse roof - providing an animated effect for creative meetings whilst also acoustically sheltering the space.

Semi - private booths help to create an intimate atmosphere whilst maintaining the open plan nature of the space.

The result is an array of different quality spaces that allow a variety of activities and interactions in the organisation.

Overall the space was designed with an authenticity that conveys a richness and a quality that might be a timeless backdrop to the ambitiously evolving company.

The project begun by consolidating the brief and assessing the fundamentals of the client's company structure.

It was important that we understood how the client occupied their current space and how their future ambitions affected the design of their new space. Here our team tours the client's old offices in Kingston upon Thames questioning them on their needs and aspirations.

Our first thought was that they needed a 'digital wonderland' (complete with chocolate river obviously.)

However, once we got down to it, our fast and messy design exercises produced layout options responding to core objectives and inherent values.

Iterations were created and assessed - we used critical workshop sessions to consider the utilisation of the space.

Fundamental spatial rules were created and visualised responding to the client's written brief and the environmental conditions of the new space.

Design ideas were fully considered and explored. Here we test the 8m diameter size of the roundhouse in a nearby carpark!

Sketch models emerged where materiality and fabrication processes were considered... well as the look & feel of the space.

The construction phase was managed expertly by Overbury...

...over 11 short weeks.

The arranging of the Roundhouse floor to align with true north - its circular form has associations with clocks, compasses and orbiting planets.

Studio Weave and Architecture 00 presented the design concept to the employees at their summer party.